Pilay Investor's website

Eletrik was looking for a new e-commerce website that incorporated sophistication and intuitiveness. Our task was to design a website and establish brand guidelines that reflected the premium essence of the brand.

Pilay Investor's website


Pilay is a top firm specializing in managing real estate investment funds. Among their offerings is m2, enabling investors to profit from apartment portions or purchase them at a discounted price.

Pilay Investor's website


The platform did not meet user needs as investors struggled to track their investments and purchase new products. Additionally, communication was unclear, leading visitors to misunderstand the product's purpose.


We conducted thorough research with users and the marketing team to comprehend investors' profiles and develop strategies for presenting the product to them, addressing their needs and expectations. The internal company selling process was also reviewed and considered for the new platform.


The investors' profile is quite conservative. They are either new to investing or lack sufficient savings for riskier investments. They opt for this choice based on the Company's history and industry. Monitoring their investments is crucial for them to feel secure and to maintain trust in the company, encouraging continued investment.


We offer a guided platform for users to purchase square meters independently, enabling them to comprehend the process and advantages of acquiring products through Pilay. Users can log in to buy additional meters or even sell their own at any given moment. They have the ability to track the potential earnings from selling their meters prematurely or holding on until the contract's completion for a full refund along with additional profits.

Project stages

- Research
- Definition
- Ideation
- Prototyping
- Testing
- Design System creation
- Hand off for developers
- Visual QA
- Maintenance and updates

Pilay Investor's website
Javier Agustin Vigo
Javier Agustin Vigo
CEO at Pilay Uruguay
"She was carefully with all details and she could understand very quickly the product."

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