Rockwell Automation

Design of a cloud-based, software-defined industrial automation design environment

Rockwell Automation


A project involving more than 500 people and over 40 designers aims to create an advanced cloud-based design tool. This tool empowers industrial automation system designers to improve collaboration and productivity with a simpler, streamlined workflow. The result is faster time-to-market and cost-effective system development and maintenance.

Rockwell Automation

RA offers several outdated automation products that do not meet user needs and expectations. Additionally, these products are not cloud-based, and collaboration requires third-party tools, leading to miscommunication.


Through user and business research, we identified the pain points and expectations crucial for enhancing user workflow in office and onsite settings when using the machines. This resulted in a team of over 500 individuals collaborating simultaneously with extreme coordination.


The product had various types of users, not just role-based, but also activity-based. This required us to consider two scenarios: users working with and without gloves. Certain features were entirely new to them, such as collaborating with peers and version management, among others. The product entailed various functionalities that impacted the operations of other teams. This involved using component and behavior definitions, necessitating ongoing communication with all relevant teams, stakeholders, and the design team.


A cloud-based platform offering users greater flexibility by enabling them to retrieve lost work and collaborate in real-time. Additionally, the platform seamlessly integrates with other company applications, providing a unified user experience across the suite of products. Each team was responsible for various features, defining design system components (visual and behavioral), and conducting user testing for all flows.

Project stages

- Research
- Definition
- Ideation
- Prototyping
- Testing
- Design System creation
- Hand off for developers
- Visual QA


Rockwell Automation

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