Healthcare mobile app

Enhancing UX/UI design for the Arena Strive app utilized by clinicians to monitor their stress levels during hospital shifts.

Healthcare mobile app


Facilitate the optimal experience for clinicians to monitor their stress levels in real time, considering their time constraints.

Healthcare mobile app


Arena Strive already possessed a responsive website and a mobile app; however, these platforms lacked user-friendliness and failed to deliver timely information, resulting in clinicians not engaging with the app as intended.


Using Design Thinking, I improved the user experience and accessibility of the mobile app, engaging clinicians in monitoring their stress levels and learning how to manage them. Brand and visual consistency were key factors, along with gamification and user micro-interactions.


Clinicians work long hours under high pressure and responsibilities, leading them to experience constant high levels of stress. Hospitals are losing professionals due to mental health problems, and being aware of their employees' conditions early on could help minimize this loss.


Using this mobile app connected to their tracking band, hospitals can monitor stress levels of users. The app also helps users learn stress coping mechanisms and ways to address mental health concerns, including identifying when it might be necessary to take a break.

Project stages

- Research
- Definition
- Ideation
- Prototyping
- Testing
- UI Definition
- Design System creation
- Hand off for developers
- Brand Design
- Brand Manual

Healthcare mobile app
Glen Trachtenberg
Glen Trachtenberg
Head of Product & Partnerships at Arena Labs
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